What is use of waxrim


what is use of waxrim

Waxrim Ear Drop is a medicine that softens earwax. It works to soften dry and hardened earwax. This facilitates easy removal of the wax and reduces discomfort inside the ear.

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Chethana Pharmaceuticals

Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (0.5% w/v)


Store below 30 °C

Methylparaben medicine is a PRODUCT PRESENTATION USED to soften earwax. It works to soften dry and hardened earwax. This facilitates the expulsion of wax and reduces discomfort in the ear.

Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DOSS)-DSS, or sodium docusate, is an alkyl sulfate consisting of two short-branched 8-carbon hydrophobic parts and a hydrophilic sulfosuccinate part. It contains Waxrim ear drops, which are used primarily as a surfactant and emulsifier rather than a wax solvent. Its main function is to reduce the surface tension between water and oil, making it useful in formulations where emulsification or dispersion is required..

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