Side Effects of Insulin Therapy

Side Effects of Insulin Therapy

Side Effects of Insulin Therapy
Side effects of insulin therapy-important aspects                                   dizziness,trouble speaking,fatigue,confusion,pale skin,sweating,twiching of muscles,seizure,loss of consciousness are all the side effects of insulin therapy. In type  1 diabetes  mellitus following  side  effects  are  seen  due  to  insulin  therapy –
Weight  gain -Initially  before  insulin  therapy  cells  are  not  able  to  utilize  glucose  as  there  is  difficulty  in  transfer  of  glucose  into the  cells.
When  insulin  is  started  it  helps  in  the  transfer of glucose  through the  cell  membrane  from the  blood  into the  cells. So  now cells  can  utilize  glucose. Our  body  has  mechanism  which  helps  to  transfer  glucose  into  fats  and  glucose  into  proteins.Insuli administered externally will do all theses functios but there are side efects of insulin therapy. Insulin  also  helps  in  the  breakdown of  proteins and fats.
Due to  all  these mechanisms the  body  weight increases.
Hypoglycemia -If  more  than  the  required  dose  of  insulin  is  given, or if  insulin  is  given  at the  wrong  time then  the  blood  glucose  levels  fall  below  the  normal  range  ,brain  does  not  get sufficient  supply of  glucose  and  the  person  faints. Following  are the  effects  seen  in  hypoglycemia-
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble  in  speaking
  • Fatigue
  • The  individual  can  become  unconscious
  • Confusion
  • The  skin  becomes  pale
  • Sweating
  • Seizures
  • Twitching  of  muscles
Side effects of insulin therapy are important to be known to the diabetic patient as he should be aware of it and once they happen he should report it to the physician.Fat  necrosis -As the individual  takes  subcutaneous  insulin  it  is  actually  delivered  into  the  subcutaneous  fat  and  there  is  a  possibility  that  a painful  lump  can  form in  the  subcutaneous  plane.
So  a  person  with  diabetes  should  always  keep  packets  of  sugar  or  chocolate  with  him and  these  should  be  consumed  as  early as possible.Knowledge of side effects of insulin therapy is extremely important to the family members of the diabetic patient also. Family  members  must  be  aware of  all  these  things as  hypoglycemia  is  always  much  more  dangerous  than  hyperglycemia.
If  this  hypoglycemia(falling of  blood  glucose  below  the  normal  range ) occurs   in a  hospital  then  it  is  much  more  safe condition  as  immediately  iv  glucose  can be  given  by the  hospital  staff  and  situation  can be  brought  under  control.Side effects of insulin therapy can go to extreme levels in some circumstances.
Sweating  and  palpitations  can occur to  the  patient  during  hypoglycemia.
Rash or  swelling -This  can  occur  at the  site  of  injection.
Anxiety and depression -These  things  can  occur  in  a  patient  taking  insulin  as  he  starts  thinking  that  something  has  happened to  him, he  is  definitely  dependent  on  injections  and  things  have  not  remained  the  same  as  before. In  this  case  the  family  members  should  boost  the  morale  of  this patient.
Complications due  to  insulin therapy –
  • Heart  attack (Myocardial infarction)
  • Stroke
  • Ophthalmic  problems
  • Complications  related to  kidney.
For  the  different  types of diabetes in  which  insulin  is  given –
  • Type  1
  • Type  -2
  • Gestational   diabetes
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