Effects of diabetes on various body systems

Effects of diabetes on various body systems


Effects of diabetes on various body systems-this can occur over a period of time affecting vision ,gastrointestinal system ,e.t.c .Diabetes  has  effects  on  various  body  systems -blood  vessels, skin, wounds  and  infections, retina, nerves, kidneys, etc

Effects of diabetes on the skin –

One of the most important reasons for having dry skin is diabetes. The high blood sugar level in the body is the primary cause of dry skin in our body. According to the American Diabetes Association, skin problems are the first signs of diabetes in individuals. Type 2 diabetes will only make the skin disease problem worse and at the same time, it can easily lead to many more complications by creating new skin diseases. Type 2 diabetes is generally associated with poor circulation of blood in our body which affects the blood reaching the skin. It eventually affects the blood vessels and nerves of our body. White blood cells cannot adequately fight infection due to high blood sugar levels in a person’s body. When blood circulation is reduced it replaces the collagen of the skin. This directly affects the texture, appearance, and ability of the skin to heal on its own. Wherein diabetes affects the sensitivity of the skin by increasing the sensation of temperature and pressure. It also damages skin cells which affect the ability to sweat.

Effects of diabetes on wounds and infections –

Minor cuts and wounds are a part of our lives. But for those with high blood sugar levels or diabetes, these minor cuts and wounds can actually be fatal because they have serious health issues. People who have diabetes when they injure themselves develop wounds that are slow to heal or sometimes don’t heal. This increases the infection of their wounds. In our body, this infection can spread rapidly to the tissue or bone near the wound. These conditions can actually be life-threatening for a person with high blood sugar levels. The slow healing of wounds affects a person’s overall health and quality of life. Sometimes wounds and infections on the feet lead to foot ulcers which can eventually lead to amputation of the patient’s foot.

Effects of diabetes on the retina –

Diabetes affects a person’s eyes when the blood sugar level in the body is high. There are mainly two types of effects of diabetes on the eyes. The first is the short-term effect and the second is the long-term effect. In the short term, high diabetes levels cause loss of vision. In some situations, individuals have blurred vision for a few days or even a few weeks. When glucose levels in the body are high, it alters the fluid levels in the eyes. As a result, it causes inflammation in the eye tissue. The problem of blurred vision is temporary in nature and can be resolved when the glucose level in the body is brought back to normal. Some diseases caused due to high sugar levels in the body are cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy. Diabetes is a major cause of blindness in people between the age range of 20-74.

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