Drugs to be avoided in certain circumstances

Drugs to be avoided in certain circumstances

Drugs to be avoided in certain circumstances-this is important for the general population as it educates them as how to avoid some drugs in certain situations – Some drugs have to be avoided in certain circumstances .At  the  time of consultation with your  MD specialist doctor, you  should let  him know in  case you are  having  prior  history of  bronchial  asthma ,so  that  he  will  avoid  these  medications .Also  you  have to  inform if you are  allergic to some  medication, or if  have  severe  acidity  after  intake of  some  medicines .Some  individuals  argue  that  they  had  previous history of  bronchial asthma, but still  they don’t have any  problems with  medications  like  Ibuprofen and  Diclofenac sodium. But an  experienced and  qualified  MD Medicine  doctor will  always  advice  you  to  avoid  these medications.
Drugs  to be  avoided in  certain situations –
1 In  case of patients  with  bronchial asthma  medicines  like  Ibuprofen and  Diclofenac sodium,Ketoprofen ,Flurbiprofen, Baptize, Mefenamic  acid, should be  avoided ,as they  aggravate  bronchospasm  in  such individuals. That means such  individuals may get  breathlessness on taking these  medicines. Before taking  these  medicines.
2  In case of pregnancy almost  all  drugs are  to be  avoided.
No  drug  is  to be  taken  without  consulting  your  MD Gynecologist  doctor.
 As oral  drugs  consumed by  mother  are  absorbed by the  gastrointestinal  tract, then  reach blood  and  then  can  harm  the  foetus.
 3 Antibiotic which  is  safe  in  pregnancy  is  only  Amoxycillin, analgesic  which is  safe  in  pregnancy  is  only  Paracetamol, Antihistamnic which is  safe  in  pregnancy  is  only  Chlorphenaramine  maleate-even then all  these  to be  taken after  consulting  your MD -Gynecologist  doctor.

4 For  lactating  mothers   same  rules  apply   as  in  case  of  pregnant  women  regards  intake  of  medicines . For further details pl click on the link given below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     https://healthuseful.com/drugs-to-be-avoided-in-certain-circumstances-part-2/

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