Ent clinic near me

Ent Clinic Near Me

Ent clinic near me-various aspects- 
                                                                                                          Ent clinic near me -This  thing arises  in  our  mind  whenever  we  want  to  search  for ENT specialist doctor , in  case  we have  any ear nose  throat problems.
We  always  search  for  ENT specialist doctor near  us  to  save  our time, money and  energy.
When  we type  ent specialist doctor near  me  in  google  ,we  also  get  the timings  of  the  ENT specialist doctor.
This is very  important  as  ENT specialist doctors are  bus  sometimes  in ENT surgeries  in attached  hospitals, or  in  attending  emergency  cases ,so  if  you  confirm  the  timings  on  phone  it  does not happen  that you arrive at the clinic  of  ENT specialist doctor and the  doctor  is  not  there.
After  confirming  with  the  timing  of  the  ENT specialist doctor, when  you  reach  there, he will definitely be available  for  consultation.
After enquiring regarding Ent clinic near me-When  you  discuss  on  phone  ,you  also  come to  know  about the  consultation  charges  of the  ENT specialist doctor.
What  are the things that are done in an  ENT  clinic  ?
An  ENT (Ear nose throat) clinic is  by  ENT(Ear,nose,throat)  specialist doctor ,who  has  done  specialisation  in  Ear  ,nose  ,throat  after  completing  his  MBBS ,has  done specialisation  of  3 yrs in  the  field  of  ENT .
The field of ENT  is  a  super speciality.
The  opinion  if  ENT specialist doctor  is  final  in his  field.
ENT  specialist doctor  is  trained  to  deal  with  various  diseases and disorders  that  can  be  treated  conservatively  with medicines.
Some  conditions  like  cholesteotoma, severe  deviated nasal septum require surgery. When people search for ent clinic near me they expect a qualified doctor to solve their problems.
ENT specialist doctor  is trained  to  do  surgery in  such  cases and is  capable  of  giving good  result to  the  patient.
Diagnosis  and   out  patient  department treatment  of  various  ENT  diseases and disorders  is  done  in  ENT  clinic .
If  some  patient requires  specific  ENT surgery  then  it  is  done  by ENT specialist doctor in  his  attached  hospitals .
For  details of  various  ENT surgeries, pl click  on the link given below
When people search for ent clinic near me some of them have in their minds expectation of some ent surgeries .Most  commonly  performed  ENT surgeries  are –
Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy,, Septoplasty, Sinus surgery
For  details of  Septoplasty surgery pl click on the link given below
For details of sinus surgery pl click on the link given below
Less  commonly  performed  surgeries  are  -Head and neck cancer surgery, Thyroid  surgery, Phonosurgery ,Microlaryngeal  surgery
Patients that  usually visit an  ENT clinic  come  with  various  Ear nose throat problems.
When people search for ent clinic near me they have various problems in their mind-
Ear problems –
Hearing  problems -These can be  of  recent  onset  or  chronic (prolonged) duration .
First of all  ear  microscopy is  done  .If  any  ear wax or fungus is there  it is clean  with  suction, irrigation. After  that  hearing  improves. If  it  does  not  improve  then  Audiometry  testing  is  required.
In  some  cases there is  no  evidence  of  ear  wax  or  fungus  in  the  external auditory canal and still  the  patient is  complaining of  hearing  loss. If  there is  no history of  cough  ,cold then  Audiometry  is  advised  .If  chronic  cold  is  there  which  responds  temporarily  to  medicines  then  CTSCAN -PNS is advised.
When people search for ent clinic near me other  problems that arise in their mind are                                                                         -Hearing loss -For a patient of hearing
Ear discharge
Foreign  body  in  ear.
TM joint  disorders
Nose problems –
Nasal blocking
Decreased  sense of smell
Polyps, mass  protruding  from  nostrils
Vestibulitis resulting  in  severe  nasal  pain
Nasal  foreign  body  as  in  small  children
Smell disorders
Total  loss of  smell  sensation
Throat problems –
Severe  unbearable throat pain
Change  in  voice
Lump in  throat
Foreign  body  in  airways or  oesophagus
Loss  of  taste  sensation .
Head, neck  tumours, cancers.
GERD (Gastrointestinal reflux disease)
Some of above  these conditions are  treated  in  ENT clinic  on  outpatient basis. Some conditions  require  surgery in  attached hospitals  of  the  ENT specialist doctor.
Snoring and sleep apnoea
When people search for ent clinic near me other  problems that arise in their mind are-
What is checked by an ENT?/What will  an  ENT  do  on your first visit?
A thorough history is taken  from the  patient  regarding  the  ENT  complains.
Patient  is  asked  if  there  was any  history  of  similar complaints  in the past.
Any  relevant  past  history  of  similar  complaints  is  asked to the patient.
The  patient  is  asked  about the  reason  of  his  visit.
Occupational  history and  history  of  addiction  if any  is  asked to the  patient.
A complete ENT examination includes inspection of the face, ears, nose, throat and neck.
Ears  are  examined  by  ear  microscope .In  cases of  hearing  loss  Audiometry  is  advised.
Oral  cavity  oropharynx  is  examined  by headlight.When people search for ent clinic near me other questions that arise in their mind are -whether direct laryngoscopy is required or not.
Yes In  some  cases  Direct  laryngoscopy  may be required.
Nasal cavity  is  first  examined  by  headlight  and  then  SOS  Nasal  endoscopy ,CTSCAN -PNS may be  required.
What diseases does an ENT diagnose?
ENT Conditions & Treatments
autoimmune inner ear disease.
Bell’s Palsy.
Chronic and  Acute suppurative  otitis  media,tympanic membrane  central  perforations
cochlear/acoustic nerve disorders.
conductive hearing loss.
sensorineural hearing loss
congenital malformations.
diseases of the parathyroid glands.
diseases of the thyroid glands.
voice disorders
polyps, vocal  nodules, lump in the neck
sinusitis, nasal  polyps, sinusitis, deviated  nasal septum. benign or  cancerous  nasal  masses
ENT doctors  treat the Fundamental Functions of Life
Imagine a singer not being able to sing, or you not being able to hear her beautiful music,then of  what  use  is  our  voice box  or  ears.
Imagine not being able to smell the earth after a spring rain, or not being able to taste and enjoy your favorite holiday meal,then is  there  any  used  of  our  smell  sensation of  nose, or  our taste sensation.
Imagine not being able to sleep through the night next to your loved one because they snore. Also  it  disturbs  the  sleep  of other people.
These are some of the fundamental functions of life that make living so rich and wonderful. Yet when one or more of these functions no longer work the way they should, ,then  life  is  compromised.
For  ENT  consultation appointment  or  for  online consultation pl contact us at the following Address –
Dr Sagar Rajkuwar (MS-ENT), ENT specialist doctor, Cel no 7387590194,9892596635
Prabha ENT clinic, plot no 345,Saigram colony, opposite Indoline furniture Ambad link road ,Ambad ,1 km from Pathardi phata Nashik-422010 .hi
For  clinic  appointment  through  website pl click on the link given below

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