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Effects of diabetes on skin -part 2

Effects of diabetes on skin -Part 2
In  diabetes  there  is  increased  levels  of  sugar  in  tissues and  low  immune  power -so  it  can  lead  to  boils, bacterial  skin  infections, fungal  infections ,ringworm, Jack  itch ,athletes foot
Ringworm  is  fungal  infection  of  skin  and  scalp, which  can  develop  in  diabetic  individuals due  to  increased  levels of  sugar  in  tissues and  low  immunity .
It is  identified  by  red  ,itchy, scaly  skin, hair  loss, itching of  skin .It is  highly  infectious  and  spread  by  skin  to  skin  contact.
Jack itch  is red, itchy ring  shaped  rash  that  develops  on  the  genitals, understandable of  thighs, groin. It can  develop  in diabetic individuals due to  lowered  immunity  and increased  levels of blood sugar.
Athletic  foot  is  ringworm  infection (fungal infection  due to  dermatophytes), that  develops  between  the  toes. It  may  occur  in  severed  and  neglected  cases  of  diabetes due to  lowered  immunity  and increased  levels of blood sugars  in  tissues.
Other  conditions are  there  in  diabetic individuals in  which  pathology  of the  skin  can  result –
Diabetic dermopathy-In an individual  with  diabetes  tiny  spots  or  lesions  develop on the  skin  .These  lesions are  more  frequent on  bony  parts  of body  like  shins.
Acanthosis  nigricans-In this  raised  brawny  areas  are  seen  in  the  groin  ,armpits and  neck .
Necrobiosis  lipoidica  diabeticorum-This  is  a  rare  granulomatous  Di SD disorder. It  affects  0.3 percent  of  the  individuals suffering  from  diabetes .It  is  a  kind of  microangiopathy, that  means  in  affects  the  too  much  small  blood  vessels that  can be  seen only  with  the  help  of  microscope.
This  condition  affects  the  legs ,abdomen ,upper  extremity and scalp.
Diabetes blisters-These  occur  rare. These  occur in  individuals  with  diabetes  who  do  not  pay  attention  to  treatment and  blood  sugar is  not  well  controlled. These  are  painless  condition. They  heal  on  their  own without  any  treatment  being  required.
Erruptive xanthomatosis  -This  occurs  in  individuals  with  poor  control  of  diabetes and  with  high  level of  serum  triglycerides and high  serum  cholesterol. These  get treated  in a  few  weeks  to  few  months. Medical  treatment for  the  underlying  cause  and  changes in  the  lifestyle  of  the  diabetic  individual helps.
 Digital Sclerosis  is a  condition  that  occurs  in a  diabetic individual  in  which  there is  thickening  and  hardening  of  the  skin of the digits causing  limitations  of the  movement  of  the digits and  decreased  sensation. It is a  painless  condition, the  skin  becomes  waxy  in  appearance .
It  develops  slowly and  in a  symmetrical  manner affecting  the  arms  back  of  the fingers, hands  ,arms  and ourselves.
Diabetic Cheiroarthropathy-It is  also  known as  diabetic  stiff  hand  syndrome. The  fingers and  joints  of  hand  become  stiff  and  it  becomes  difficult  for  the  individual to  do  his  routine  work.
The  Prayer  sign-This occurs  in  advanced  cases of  digital  sclerosis  where  the  flexor  tendons  of the  fingers  go  into  contracture-this is  called  the  prayer sign  in  which  the  person is  unable  to  press  the  palms  of the  hands  completely due to  stiffness  of  the  skin  and  the tendons  of  hands.
Dupuytren’s  contracture-In this  there  is  thickening  ,shortening  and  contracture  of the  palmar fascia resulting  in  inability  to  extend  the  fingers.
Dry skin-As blood  sugar  level  is  high  in  diabetic  individual lot  of  blood sugar is  lost  in  urine. Urination  is also  more, so  there is  loss  of  body  fluids  in  urine, so  there  is  dehydration and  dry  skin.
High  blood sugar  leads  to  inflammation ,this  can  suppress  or  exaggerate  the  immune  response.
Due to  lowered  immunity bacterial, fungal  infections, itching  can  occur.
Disseminated  granuloma  annulare-In this  the diabetic  individual  has go raised  areas which are ring shaped  or arc shape .These are  found  on  the  fingers  or  pinna usually and  are  red, brown  or  skin  coloured.
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